5 Reasons Why You Should Be Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

A Magic Carpet Ride

Have you ever been the person who accidentally spills the bottle of red wine on the carpet? No? Bueller? Okay, so maybe it’s just me, and if that’s the case, then count yourself among the lucky. Cleaning wine out of a beige carpet is no-joke, particularly when said carpet belongs to a rental (or a friend’s rental—oops). In most cases, damaging or staining a carpet rental is pretty much a guarantee that you won’t see your deposit back any time soon, not to mention the unsightly color that it leaves behind.

For whatever reason, however, people seem more than happy letting their carpets sit until something happens to them. While a carpet stain is definitely a good reason to get ahold of a carpet cleaner, many homes go without professional cleaning for months or even years at a time. While vacuums will do their part to lift some of the grime out of your carpeting, it can only do so much, leaving behind a wake of destruction in its path. The moral of the story? Don’t stain your carpet and if you do happen to stain a carpet, call a local and professional carpet cleaner as quickly as possible to help remove the stain. Better yet, if you’re among those who don’t clean their carpet regularly, check out these reasons for why you should promptly break that habit.
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Vacuums Do Not Deep Clean

Think about all of the stuff you do daily on or around your carpet. Eating, walking, drinking, and smoking (yuck) are only a handful of the things you might partake in. Because carpets are usually pretty thick, there’s every chance that you’ll wind up with crumbs, liquid, and dirt stuck deep into the floor. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there—because trust me, that goldfish cracker you dropped and couldn’t find has most likely been stepped on time and again, getting smashed down further into the carpeting. So what? You say, it’s just some crumbs. Okay, but get this, crumbs lead to bugs and bugs can lead to disease and sickness. Not to mention, bugs are just gross. Vacuums will pull up some of the crumbs, dirt, and other bug-attractants in the carpet, but won’t pull up everything. This is because crumbs get stuck in the carpet’s fibers on the way up, leaving old food tangled in a fibrous land. Instead of relying entirely on vacuuming as a means to clean your carpet, use it as a supplement for the time in between professional cleanings.
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And What About That Smoke?

Though I’m not going to tell you smoking is bad for you (even though it is), I will say that smoking is bad for your home and carpets in particular. Not only does the smoke from indoor smoking lead to stains across walls and flooring, much like the stains that occur on your teeth, it also leaves smoke and toxins lingering around. When these toxins settle, they drift into the carpet, seeping into the porous nature of the carpet’s fabric where they become trapped. Not only does this keep your house smelling like an ashtray, but it also lets dirty chemicals sit in the air in your home. A thorough, deep carpet cleaning will rid the carpet of these toxins, while also helping lift stains from the fabric.

I’ll go ahead and state the obvious here: pets shed. Unless you happen to have a hypo-allergenic or hairless dog or cat, then you are among those with pet hair in your home. Even if you brush your animal’s coat outside and on a regular basis, they are still shedding from the moment they enter your door. Sure, the rate at which a pet sheds is basically conducive to the season and type of weather you’re currently undergoing. You may think for this reason you’re safe going with a good carpet cleaning only once the shedding kicks up, and even then, only if it’s bad enough. I hate to tell you though, it’s bad regardless of the time of year or season. Not only do pets shed their hair, they shed their dander as well—a reason many people allergic to cats are still allergic to the hairless ones. Pet dander not only can leave your eyes itchy and nose stuffy, but it can also carry miniscule larvae of fleas, ticks, and other unwelcome guests. When this happens, you’re likely to see an uprising of fleabites on you and your family members. A proper cleaning will not only take care of the dander and pet hair, but it will also use high temperature steam to kill any larvae or eggs that might be lying around.
Air Quality

You wouldn’t think that the air quality of your home is worse than that of the outdoors, but unfortunately you’d be wrong. Because of all of the cleaning and hair chemicals, oils from cooking, smoke from smoking, pet dander, dust, ect…the air quality in an individual’s home can be as much as 10 times worse than the outdoors. Because dust can carry spores and pollen from the outdoors, it becomes concentrated in the home, leading to chronic allergies. This mixed with the other pollutants used on a day-to-day basis, such as hair spray, countertop sprays, and Febreeze, can lead to a semi-toxic living environment. By ridding your carpet of these chemicals and the potential spores, you’ll be helping your family breathe easy again, by removing possible allergens, eye irritants, and lung cloggers.
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Finally, if all else fails and you’re not concerned about the air quality, then perhaps you’ll be worried about whether or not your warranty will be covered. Recently, my mother-in-law redid her floors, investing in one of the most plush, white carpets I’ve ever seen. While it’s an absolute given that no one is to drink or eat over the carpeted areas, it’s still a matter of feet on the carpets and pollen from her mountainside home. The warranty asks that the carpet is cleaned every 6-8 months to remain valid and to qualify for replacement if needed. Because this carpeting is snow-white, it’s likely she would have done this anyway; even so, it’s important to note. If your carpet is new, be sure to look at the warranty and what it requires of the owner. If you are unable to find the information, contact the company who you purchased it from and find out the information there. Either way, don’t find yourself in a pickle by avoiding deep-cleaning treatments for your carpet, leaving it without warranty in the event of a spilled bottle of wine.