Everything You Must Know About Commercial Building Cleaning Services

One of the prominent reasons why most of the businesses today hire commercial building cleaning professionals is to take proper advantage of their experience to get the individual properties cleaned properly. This is also an excellent step to get the offices in proper shape for the next important business day. Cleaning of the office property efficiently not only helps in boosting the client business but even plays a great role in helping the service providers as well by keeping the incurred costs for all the parties involved at a minimum high. Here is a quick look at some of the strategies used by the cleaning service providers in order to rightly realize the efficient cleaning.

The commercial building cleaning professionals look for the smartest ways to clean the areas wherever they feel working is to be done. The cleaning process may vary from one service provider to another but initially the cleaning provider will be formulating a strict plan with the client. No doubt, this plan must be flexible enough so that everything can be changed in-case any of the key areas are not working as per the expectations. If any of the areas in the office is taking too long to cleanup then a good service provider will always look at the possible changes to make it go more efficiently.

The professionals with their expertise at times even consider environment friendly ways of cleaning the property. Any of the cleaning jobs will work at a better speed and at a better cost if the service providers use advanced and innovative methods to promote the recycling and reuse of used products. The most recent changes include a color coding system for cleaning of the rags that will prevent the cross-contamination between the cleaners and surfaces. This can also be allowed to be used longer before the discarding. Each and every room of the property or building is cleaned from top to bottom along with the cobwebs which often accumulate in the top corners of the rooms and walls.

It is certainly made sure that the floors are done last in the room so as to pick up any dirt which is tracked in by the professional cleaners. They are well aware about how to mix the ingredients correctly and most importantly, in the right quantity. Do remember, that not hiring the experienced cleaning agents that are good enough for the cleaning may lead to more scrubbing.

Why Cleaning Services Are in Demand

From house to now industrial, the market of professional cleaning services has come a long way. Remember the time when only few workers were hired for cleaning and maintenance job. Now-a-days, they are available in high numbers, making your work quick and easy. On your way to the office, you come across a few buildings that look sharp and clean. Have you ever thought about the team behind that shining piece of work? If not, then it is time that you realise how effective these services can be for your office or industry. Below are a few points to familiarise you with some of its offerings:

Easy Availability: It comes as no surprise that there are more and more cleaning services making their way to the arena, which in turn is benefitting the users. You wish to hire cleaning professionals and they are available. This delights you more if they are located in the nearby areas. Here comes the vicinity factor which turns out to be the most powerful one out of all. It appears like they understand and value your time.

Trained Staff: Let’s admit this – you cannot clean your whole office all by yourself or with the help of office staff. There are places where you can’t reach such as heights, external glass, etc. It calls for a professional cleaning agency to look after these areas. Whether it’s cleaning at heights, ground maintenance, window cleaning, etc., you require them for sure. Besides, it requires expertise to work at a high level area where safety is to be ensured.

Tools & Equipment: If you are hiring professionals for the cleaning purpose, it is sure that they will come equipped with tools and other things required to complete the task with perfection. To name a few, cleaners, pressure washers, etc. are necessary to carry out the task. It is possible that you might have these tools in possession but you may not know how to use them the way professionals do.

Maintenance: Once the cleaning is done, it requires regular maintenance. You can’t rely on your office helpers for that. It requires a dedicated team of professionals who knows all the p’s and q’s of maintenance. If you have a little garden behind your office, the cleaning services take care of it as well. This is nothing but convenience as and when you want it.

Affordability: Everyone sets a notion that professional agencies can be too costly to afford. It remains a myth until you don’t ask or make out about their charges. With the rise in competition, the agencies are giving all the leverage that you require.

Simplify the tedious task of Escalator cleaning

Yes, as quoted by Sophie Kinsella – Life is like an escalator. You see, it carries you on regardless. And you might as well enjoy the view and seize every opportunity while you’re passing.

Detailed cleaning is required for escalators to maintain the appearance of the facility, sometimes the escalator cleaning is unnoticed and undetected and hence gives a messy look. Dirty escalators can cause accidents due to oil and dirt layer clogged in; it also shrinks the life of the escalator. Spotless and dirt-free escalators look decent and attract customers.

Most escalator cleaners provide cleaning services at affordable rates with less downtime. In earlier days, escalator cleaning was tedious task; it used to take a couple of days to clean the equipment. The solutions used in the cleaning of the escalators use to seep in the machinery, hence causing breakdown of the business. With the latest machinery and advanced chemicals the cleaning time has lessened by a few hours, with the use of modern machinery the cleaning is feasible and gives the desired results. Escalators, moving walks or travelators, escalator parts and handrails are also cleaned during the overall cleaning. These cleaning professionals provide their services 24/7 and also provide after cleaning services.

Rotomac escalator cleaning machines

Various competent escalator cleaning machines are available in the markets, which are used by cleaning technicians. Rotomac escalators are the best equipment’s in the world; they are manufactured using German technology and are developed over a span of 12 years. Rotomac escalators are used worldwide, countries like South Africa, USA, China, Singapore, Europe, Australia and Trinidad have successfully adapted to this equipment. Rotomac escalators are commonly seen at airports, shopping malls, hospitals, metro stations, railways stations and hotels. Some Rotomac escalator cleaning machines are listed below:-

Rotomac ET15B – Aircraft material is used to manufacture Rotomac ET15B and is hence assembled by aircraft engineers. The machine can be easily transported and firmly sits on the escalator steps to carry out the cleaning. The machine has inbuilt 15 rotating brushes which cleanse and remove the dirt and gathers it into the recovery tank. Also, there are couple of inbuilt brushes which are specially created to clean the painted or metal surface and do not damage the exterior of the escalator.

Rotomac 340 & Rotomac 360 – this machine can automatically clean vertical and horizontal functions of an escalator and its steps. Rotomac 340 is economical, reliable and speedy and works well throughout the cleaning process. The machine is easy to handle and can be operated by a single user. Some benefits of this machine are – wet cleaning can be performed, no need to dismantle the escalator, options of 3 cycles pre-programmed for type of cleaning, water used for cleaning is consumed, brushes can be changed easily and simultaneous operation of steps and risers can be done.

Rotomac 12A – This new double-faced automatic cleaning equipment cleans the steps and risers at the same time. The cleaning is done in hours as compared to the traditional method where it used to take weeks to clean the escalators. The Rotomac cleans and dries the escalators giving new look to the facility.