Tile Cleaning San Diego – Improve The Life Span Of Tiles

Most people think of carpeting in regards to what is at risk when flood water damage occurs. While carpeting is certainly at risk when this occurs, tile floors can also be permanently harmed by flood water damage and steps must be taken to not only restore the tile floors that have been affected but to protect them from future harm. Below you’ll find a few steps that tile cleaning professionals in San Diego will take to help you move past flood water damage and to minimize the chances that future damage will occur.

Assess the Damage

While most tile floors are built with grout and seal to prevent moisture from moving below the surface, these methods do not always work successfully. Before dealing with flood water damage on this surface, those in San Diego should seek a tile cleaning service that will inspect both the floor and the area below it to find out if any work underneath the tile needs to be done to reverse the effects of the flood water damage. Failure to take this step could lead to moisture settling under the floor and permanent damage being done to the tile, the floor boards and other areas of the home because of mold and other substances that could flourish without proper treatment.

Clean Every Level of the Floor

After the assessment has been made by a San Diego tile cleaning service, the next step is to attack the problem. Reputable and skilled tile cleaning services in San Diego will be able to clean every area of a floor that needs it, and when it comes to the tile itself, the preferred method of cleaning is to use cleaning agents, hot water and pressure washers to scrub the tile clean. After this process is complete, a clear coat of sealant should be added to help prevent future instances of flood water damage by making the tile floors as waterproof as possible.

Start with Professional Help

The most extensive and expensive work that’s done by tile cleaning services in San Diego are those that involve reversing what a homeowner has done before cleaning the tile properly. Any missed steps in the process of dealing with flood water damage can lead to more damage later on, so rather than risking this possibility, contact the professionals at Star Carpet, Inc. The team has helped countless San Diego homeowners with their tile cleaning service, and you need to make sure that you undertake this process only once.